Goldilocks method

Not too much. Not too little. Just right.
You might be tempted to think more serum equals more hair, but that would be a mistake.
Saturating your hair with hair serum will not expedite the process. Hair repair takes patience. It takes hair 28 days to grow 1 cm - an agonizing wait, no doubt, but expectations need to fit the parameters set by Nature.
While your hair repairs, focus on what remains.
When you apply the recommended dose of ROOT WISE REPAIR Covid hair loss treatment to your target areas, take comfort in knowing you are providing nourishment for your hair and scalp.
Adaptogenic mushrooms are busy balancing the body's natural defenses against virus-induced stress and hair shedding while you anticipate the signs of new growth - the little fuzziness and sprouting of new hair around the affected areas, hairline and temples.
But don’t let outcome be judged solely upon regrowth.
Take notice of any increased thickness in hair diameter, notice less breakage, less fallout and overall smoothness as well as new growth.
That’s all hair repair. That’s progress.
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