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Processing Hair Loss - Workbook

Processing Hair Loss - Workbook

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Be a participant in your own healing.

A visual narrative is a collection of feelings, thoughts and ideas presented in visual form.

A visual narrative separates the individual from their hair loss, allowing the individual to externalize their emotions rather than internalize them.

This visual narrative workbook contains 25 exercises.

These exercises were designed to be done every other day for 8 weeks.

 This duration corresponds to the 8-week dosage amount of one 30mL bottle ROOT WISE REPAIR® hair serum. This workbook was designed to give you support during that duration.

By doing the work within these pages you help yourself separate, clarify and process your emotions as it pertains to your hair loss.

Your finished workbook will give you a visual vocabulary, one that validates your emotions during your hair loss experience.

 Your visual narrative will help you feel heard, by you.


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