mushroom-mended, adaptogenic mushrooms

Mushroom-mended, balance restored

Mushrooms are incredible.
Often referred to as nature’s balancing agent, mushrooms have been used to absorb oil spills, clean polluted waterways and regenerate forests after wildfires.
Its human applications are no less incredible.
Fungi secrete bioactive peptides which prod Lovastatin to lower cholesterol levels, Penicillin to kill infection, and Cyclosporine to regulate white blood cells which make organ transplants possible.
These mushroom-derived peptides tweak the biochemical dials that regulate function.
Mushroom extracts, when integrated with conventional medical therapies, have produced promising results in the treatment of certain cancers and autoimmune diseases.
Recent clinical trials showed participants suffered fewer side effects from chemotherapy such as loss of appetite, hair loss and general weakness when therapy was complemented with immune-enchancing mushrooms compared to placebo.
Ongoing clinical and experimental evidences indicate mushrooms may help modulate inflammatory responses to SARS-COV-2 and immune-activated hair shedding caused by hair growth cycle-disrupting viruses.
Mushrooms have been actively assisting the planet and its inhabitants for millennia; a fact known to indigenous peoples and holistic practitioners.
While conventional study into the scientific efficacy of mushrooms is still crawling out of its infancy, new applications emerge. Innovators and trailblazers have taken notice.
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