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My Story

The first time I had Covid, I lost a lot of hair. I cut it and it grew back. 

The second time I got Covid, I lost a lot of hair. I cut it and it didn’t grow back. 

This occurred during the lockdown days when you could not go in to see a doctor. 

I was on my own.

I started to pay attention to what was around me. I stumbled upon a solution - mushrooms, specifically adaptogenic mushrooms. 

I began research into the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms for hair loss. 

I started to forumlate mushroom-based hair serums. These hair serums produced promising results.

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The Experiment - Can Mushrooms Regrow Hair?

The Can Mushrooms Regrow Hair? experiment was launched on, a platform for funding scientific discoveries, in answer to the Mycological Innovations Challenge Grant.

Not only did the mushroom-infused serum culture grow, it grew as much if not more than its synthetic equivalents.

ROOT WISE REPAIR® hair loss treatment

ROOT WISE REPAIR® hair loss treatment is a progression of that research.

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Mushroom-mended, balance restored

The road to recovery led to a remarkable conclusion - I didn't need to fix my hair. I just needed to balance it.

The virus disrupted my hair growth cycle. Adaptogenic mushrooms put my hair cycle back into balance.

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