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Preservative Free For Me

As my part kept widening and my hair fall increased, it had become time to look into hair growth serums. 

Although clinically proven to regrow hair, most hair growth serums that I looked into contained a potentially harmful preservative used to prolong shelf life. The ingredient that scared me was sodium benzoate.

Sodium benzoate is a preservative and corrosive inhibitor commonly found in sodas, personal care products, anti-freeze and can be incorporated in fireworks fuel for creating the characteristic whistling noise of spiraling fireworks

Generally considered safe in small concentrations, negative side effects occur when sodium benzoate, when exposed to Vitamin C, may form benzene, a known carcinogen.

An organic solution had to exist, but then I found out even the hair serums that claimed to be natural contained it. I was determined to make my own. 

That began my research into mushrooms. That research developed into ROOT-WISE-REPAIR. 

ROOT-WISE-REPAIR may have a shorter shelf life than most hair growth serums and may need to replenished more often, but it doesn’t contain potentially harmful preservatives or corrosive inhibitors.

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