Principled Organic Formulation, clean ingredients

Principled Organic Formulation

I started creating my own skin and hair care products because I wanted to understand what was in my products and how they worked.
My first formulations consisted of balms and oil blends for cuts and sunburns that I sustained while kayaking or hiking on trail.
My interest in do-it-yourself formulation brought me into contact with other like-minded formulators; they too, shared an intellectual curiosity about product ingredients and an urge to create with ingredients that weren’t tainted with herbicides, pesticides or harmful preservatives.
These conversations influenced my development from do-it-yourself homeade recipe maker to principled organic formulator.
In 2022, I began to research organic ingredients that could be used formulate a topical hair serum to regrow hair lost from Covid. I didn’t like the products that were out there - even the hair loss treatments that claimed to be natural contained harmful preservatives to prolong shelf life.
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